Tangerine Dream
The Virtual Stage

The Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) provides a way to create three-dimensional ("natural") user interfaces for web content. A 3D interface to the web would allow us to organize and present information in a more natural way. For example, the experience of sound in real life depends on one's position and distance in respect to the sound source.

With SGI's VRML, which has become available for PCs and SGI platforms, we are able to create such 3D interfaces. On this page we currently provide an experimental 3D model of Tangerine Dream on stage.

All you need to explore the Virtual Stage is:

  • Netscape Navigator or MS Internet Explorer and
  • Cosmo Player from Cosmo Software for SGI IRIX, Windows95/98/NT or Macintosh.

If you have successfully installed Cosmo Player, you are ready to enter TD's Virtual Stage!

You can also download the audio loop from the model.

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